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About Megan Galati

The Author Behind
Three Pals Tales

Megan Galati has had a passion for writing since a young age. Being born and raised in Ontario, Canada and now having a family of her own, she wanted to share a small piece of what being in a Canadian family looks like. Megan’s stories highlight important life lessons and fun little adventures in real places that will keep your children curious and entertained.

Megan Galati

Megan grew up reading books and has always experienced such joy and creativity from reading. She was inspired to start writing this book series because she saw a need for a book that encouraged creative thinking and problem-solving skills in children. Megan aspires to share her stories with children across the world, which lead her to create the Three Pales Tales Series. She hopes these books encourage and inspire parents to creatively teach their children valuable life lessons. The books outline valuable life lessons, including the "5-minute rule" referenced in book One. Created by Megan for her own children, "if we cannot learn to share, everyone will have a turn for 5 minutes until we are ready to play fair".

Magan Galati and Reader

This series is very dear to Megan’s heart, being built around her own two sons and nephew. Watching them grow has been the greatest gift, and she hopes these stories will be carried with them and other children alike, throughout their lives.

Megan's first and second book has made it to numerous known book stores such as Indigo's, Manticore Books, 17th Hour Gift Shop, Amazon and is being viewed by the public at the Barrie Public Library and Orillia Public Library, now going to be housing book two of the Three Pals Tales Series. Megan never thought her dream for writing children's books would grow to this size and is still growing. A series of never ending stories.

Three Pals Tales

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