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Megan Galati

Self-Published Children's Book Author

Creator of Three Pals Tales Series



Three Pals And The Journey To Jocko Point

There are these tales I know about three little pals. They are the best of friends that have adventures to be shared across the lands. Lessons of patience, courage, strength, and wit. In this particular tale, the three pals come across a map that leads to the mysterious Jocko Point, where X marks the spot. They find themselves embarking on an adventure that tests their friendship and each of them one by one.

Finding out the hard way, the three pals become lost. Rushing through the map, not following directions. Left uncertain of their location. They should have stuck to their route. They would have come to their destination. Eventually, they find a solution to their lost mess and wind up finding the BIG RED X.


Jocko Point Book



My kid's favourite story-time book. Love this story! They request it every night at bedtime.

Jesse G. - Toronto, ON


“The Best!”

This book was one of the best children's books I’ve read with my kids. They absolutely love it. Constantly bugging me to read it to them! Can’t wait for more books in this series.

Codi G. - Etobicoke, ON

"Fantastic Book!"


This book is amazing! It teaches children valuable life lessons and it’s a really enjoyable read. I Would definitely recommend this book to anyone with kids.

Vanessa P. -  Toronto, ON

Three Pals Tales

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